Romantic, right?



Straight to the point.

This shit is my favorite

This is literally what you have to do if you want me to understand that it’s actually a date.

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Yaaaaaas bitch you brush that cabbage

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Sleepy bed head Rin is all I need.



Illustrations by たちはき

※Permission to upload this illustration was given by the artist. The artist strictly prohibits the redistribution, use, and editing of their illustrations without authorization.

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From コタロー

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Dear KyoAni, i don’t think i’ll ever fall in love with a real guy anymore.

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» Back to School
Kindergarten: No mom please please I don't want to go please take me home
Elementary/Middle: I can't wait to see my friends!!! this is gonna be a great school year bye mom!
High school: No mom please please I don't want to go please take me home
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this is more than a disney show. 

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  • Rin is naturally smart
  • Rin has bulging muscles
  • Rin’s charm point is his entire body
  • Rin is the captain of his swim team
  • Rin has worn a maid outfit
  • Rin wears jewelry
  • Rin is overprotective of Gou
  • Rin is a hopeless romantic
  • Rin can make rainbows
  • Rin can summon & bloom cherry blossom trees on command
  • Rin is a crybaby
  • Rin has a big gay crush on Haruka
  • Rin does not deny his big gay crush
  • Rin’s ponytail
  • Rin knows how to cook
  • Rin can speak English
  • Rin is a bishoujo
  • Rin has cleavage
  • Rin is the guy who guys fall in love with
  • Rin is the PERFECT man - super recommended!
  • Rin has a diary
  • Rin takes care of stray cats
  • Rin


real talk, worst thing you can be told is that you talk too much when you’re  talking passionately about something you like




半透明な紺碧 by 黒豚

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